Sabtu, 19 April 2014

BC Kepri fishing vessel "ballpress" from Malaysia

Riau Islands Customs officials catch KM Agree an attempt to smuggle about 1,000 sacks of solid or " ballpress " castoffs origin Port Klang , Malaysia Tanjung Balai purpose shavings , North Sumatra .

Agreed KM patrol boats arrested BC - 8005 with a patrol commander , Turmudi Wednesday ( 16/4 ) around 21:00 pm , in the waters with the coordinates 03 degrees 14 263 " North Latitude and 100 degrees 26 422 " East Longitude .

" Agreed KM arrested by intelligence information that there will be stuff coming from Port Klang to Tanjung Balai purpose shavings. Follow up with the information that we move the BC - 8005 who was on duty in the waters that will be crossed by the ship , " said the Head of Operations and the Regional Office of Enforcement Directorate General of Special Customs Riau Islands ( Riau ) , Agustyan above Agreed drawn KM BC - 8005 patrol boat in the waters of Tanjung Balai Karimun , Friday .

Agustyan explained , KM Agree to carry as many as 1,000 sacks containing solid or ballpress used clothing items with an estimated value of more than R1 , 5 billion .

The time of arrest , he said , the crew had to provide resistance KM Agreed but managed to overcome the BC - 8005 patrol officers who interceptions in Aruah waters located between the waters of Port Klang and Tanjung Balai shavings.

" A little happens resistance , which is concerned not want to stop when the interception , even KM Agree crew brandishing flaming torches , " he said .

BC - 8005 patrol boat , he had to chase about 40 minutes until the end of the smuggling ship stopped successfully .

"The question does not want to stop . Fact was banging his boat when the patrol vessel guarded by the BC - 8005 . Clash of the resulting hull right front part of BC - 8005 is made ​​of wood is slightly damaged , " he said .

Agreed KM effort to escape , he said again , successfully halted thanks to the alertness of the patrol officers .

" Warning shots are not there because they did not fight in the form of physical violence , but seeks only to escape but can be disabled , " he said .

Regarding the mode is done , Agustyan say , these items do not come with the manifest . In addition, the used clothing is prohibited and restricted goods .

" Used clothing barred from entering the country because it can damage our textile market , " he said .

He further said , ship , and its cargo captain and seven crew will be transferred to the Field Investigation and Results of Crackdown Handler for further investigation .

Sy skipper , said he alleged violated Section 102 (a) of Act No. 17 of 2006 on Amendments to Law No. 10 of 1995 on Customs which reads , every person who transports imported goods that are not listed in the manifest .

Penalties are imprisonment for one year and a maximum of 10 years and a fine of 50 million and a maximum of 5 billion , he said .
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"Today , the ship has arrived at the BC Regional Office in the District of Riau Islands Meral , Karimun regency after being pulled BC - 8005 for about 40 hours from the location of the arrest , " added Agustyan .


Jumat, 18 April 2014

SMS ` Last ` Passenger Ship Sewol that Karam Fake ?

Thousands of short messages or SMS comes to the parents of a student who becomes a victim Sewol sinking off the coast of South Korea . The message is thought to have come from students who otherwise disappears or has not been found by a search team .

One of the messages allegedly coming from the passenger named Shin . Adolescent female 18 years became one of the group of high school students in Ship Sewol .

"I do not worry . Still alive I use a float . We will be together again , " wrote the mysterious message allegedly from Shin , as published by the New York Post , Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) .
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The message reportedly reciprocated by his father , " You know , a search team was trying to save the passengers , but you have to find your own way out if you can . "

" Dad , I can not walk . Corridor ship very full . Ship also too skewed , " said Shin .

In addition , as reported by CNN , another message came also suspected of other passengers , such as "I'm still alive in the cafeteria , help me , my phone battery running out , believe me . "

Other messages are also circulating in social networking , " My cell phone did not work. I was on the ship and could not see anything . "

However , South Korea's Cyber ​​Terror Agency declared a hoax messages or incorrect . From the results of the tracking signal , none of the passengers were sending a message after the ship sank .

" We 've checked more than 300 cell phone number belongs to a passenger , " said Police Korea , South Korean media proclaimed in

Sewol ship sank on Wednesday, April 16 when South Korea . So far , the death toll reached 29 people and the other 270 have not been found .
The ship's captain Sewol Lee Joon -seok and two ferry crew has now been arrested . They were threatened with a life sentence on charges of leaving the vessel , negligence , causing injury to another person , do not look for the rescue of another ship , and in violation of maritime law .

" Lee was charged with causing Sewol sinking ship with no slow down while cruising in the narrow and turn to excess , " said prosecutor Lee Bong - chang , the South Korean news agency Yonhap .


Ferry Captain Carousel Leave Ship First Person

A total of speculation about the cause of the shipwreck in the waters south of the ferry Sewol South Korea appear. However , a recent study says, the captain of the ship , Lee Joon- seok , not at the helm when the ship began to sink .

Reuters reported , in a press conference called Friday , 18 April 2014 , a prosecutor said investigators , Joo- seok not behind the wheel when the accident occurred . "He may have gone out from the bridge of the ship. The person who is the current leadership is the third task , "said the investigator .
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Barely there, an other report , as quoted by the Daily Mail, asserted that the captain is one who struggled the first time , while hundreds of passengers still trapped on the ship began to tilt . ( Read : Only 1 of 46 Ferry lifeboat Used Carousel )

To Friday , 18 April 2014 morning , the death toll from ferry capsize in waters off South Korea reached the figure of 25 . The ship sank in the waters of Jindo Island on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 , around 11:30 local time when traveling from Incheon heading Jeju Island .


Kamis, 17 April 2014

Fertilizer Subsidy Illegally Selling, Men's 4.6 Year Sentence

Kusnanto , one of the original fertilizer businessman Kendal , Central Java must accept the bitter pill of criminal sentenced to 4.6 years in prison . He proved to buying and selling of subsidized fertilizer as much as 440 tons of urea illegally .

Kusnanto found guilty of violating the provisions of Article 2 of Law No. 31 of 1999 as amended and replaced by Law No. 20 of 2001 on the Eradication of Corruption .

" Dropping 4.6 years and a criminal fine of Rp 200 million or subsidiary three months of confinement , " said the chairman of the judges Semarang Corruption Court , Suyadi , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

Defendant buying and selling subsidized fertilizer began when communication is established between the defendant with buyers who need as much as 650 tons of fertilizer . He is already struggling in these fields , the buyer agreed bid with a price of Rp 2,000 per kilogram .

No less sense , the defendant then look for distributors and retailers of fertilizer . He managed to buy fertilizer from nine points of sale with a total purchase of 440 tons . Purchase also appreciated varied then shipped to buyers in East Java .

" Fertilizer order turned out to be detained by the Customs Port of Tanjung Perak Surabaya because it turned out to be sent to Malaysia , " said Suyadi .

In his judgment, Judge Suyadi declare the defendant has enjoyed the benefits of the business of illegally selling the fertilizer . Subsidized fertilizer alone most funding comes from state money .

" The defendant reduces the welfare of farmers who should be entitled to subsidized fertilizer , " added Suyadi .

Note also , Kusnanto defendant has no ties of cooperation with producers of fertilizers and entered into Definitive Plan of Group established by the government . This then makes the Supreme Audit Agency ( BPK ) assess existing state losses of Rp 520 million from the act Kusnanto .
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Based on this decision , both the prosecutor and the defendant Kendal District Attorney and Legal Counsel have not made ​​up their minds . They are still undecided and take efforts to think about .


Selasa, 15 April 2014

KPAI: Internal Investigations Employee Must Be in JIS

Chairman of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission Asrorun Niam Sholeh said , there should be a thorough examination of the existing employees at the Jakarta International School ( JIS ) , Pondok Indah , South Jakarta . Therefore , all responsible for the education of children .

" Internal investigations should be conducted related employees . Janitor is also responsible for the education of children , " said Asrorun to , after attending a meeting with the JIS , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) afternoon .

Asrorun explained , in the world of education , there are two important aspects to be observed , namely educators and education personnel . Educators are teachers who more frequently interact with students , while academic staff who support teaching and learning process of children. " Including the janitor as well , " said Asrorun .

From the results of the meeting with the JIS KPAI yesterday afternoon , reached several agreements that essentially all parties should focus on the handling of AK recovery ( 6 ) that are no longer traumatized .

In addition , medical rehabilitation ( treatment ) should also be carried through to completion . Then , just as important , said Asrorun , is the presence of psychological assistance for AK . Later , KPAI as a mediator between the victim's family with JIS , referring psychologist will help to deal with AK .
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In addition , they will also find teachers who have been rated close to the AK , and a security guard who is referred to as " Captain America " by AK . The existence of " Captain America " diharaplan AK helping the recovery process goes smoothly .


Face the presidential election, Golkar Arrange Need a New Strategy

JAKARTA - pascapelaksanaan legislative elections political parties more incentive to approach each other to build a coalition in the face of the 2014 presidential election in July.

Associated with discourse coalition continues to grow along with the calculation results quickly ( quick count ) , the Golkar Party predicted a chance to build their own spindle .

" I saw Golkar could build its own axis with one or two coalition parties , " said Director of Political Communication ( PolcoMM ) Institute , Heri Budianto the Okezone , in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

Presently he said , Hanura is already exploring party coalition with a party banyan . And according to Heri , this is a step forward .
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" Ideally the candidate who carried the Golkar Party is the candidate that has a high level of desirability . Because if not , it will be difficult for a candidate to compete with the Golkar Party presidential candidate PDIP and Gerindra , " he described .

Lecturer FISIP Mercu Buana University revealed , according to survey results released PolcoMM Institute April 3 Bakrie third with six percent electability under Prabowo Jokowi 31 percent and 19 percent .

The low Golkar candidate electability further Heri , it should be a reference for Golkar elite to back a political strategy .

" Golkar is a big party that has never won in the presidential battle in the reform era . With so many capable and qualified cadres , Golkar does not run out of stock of national leaders , " he explained .

According to him , Golkar has a cadre of sufficient quality and no shortage of people to put forward a presidential candidate or running mate .

" With this political reality , Golkar needs to be consolidated and a new political strategy in the face of the upcoming presidential election , " he concluded .


Senin, 14 April 2014

Judge Rejects Patent Claims Apple against Samsung

Judge Lucy Koh is presiding over the dispute between the world's two technology giants , Apple and Samsung , in the Court of San Jose , Calif. , has rejected Apple's claims against Samsung's claims , stating that the South Korean vendor that does not infringe Apple's intellectual property rights .

Initial trial involving the company 's top smartphone maker this world , this case shows how bitter and how aggressive the company wants to obtain any benefit that may be obtained from their opponents .
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The decision of the jury in the first trial disputes in 2012 , requires Samsung to pay a fee of U.S. $ 1.05 billion to Apple .

According to Bloomberg data , the value of the smart phone market to reach U.S. $ 338.2 billion last year . Samsung itself controls the portion of 31 percent of industry revenue , or larger portions of Apple's 15 percent gain .

An Apple spokeswoman , Kristin Huguet , has not commented on the decision issued by Judge Lucy Koh .