Selasa, 22 April 2014

Sister: Hadi Purnomo Healthy and Tougher

A man claiming to be the sister of the former Chairman of the State Audit Board ( BPK ) Hadi Purnomo , Budi said , his brother is currently in good health and strong in the face of legal issues faced .

" He was brave in the face of this problem , " Budi said after meeting with Hadi in his residence in Jalan Iskandarsyah I No. 18 , Kebayoran Baru , South Jakarta , Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) .

Corruption Eradication Commission previously set Hadi as a suspect in the alleged corruption case plea tax objections of PT Bank Central Asia ( BCA ) Tbk in 2003. Yet , until now , according to Budi , there has been no examination of summons filed by the Commission to his brother. " There has been no call until now , " he said .

Hadi previously named as a suspect for allegedly abusing his authority as the Director General of Taxation after receiving all requests BCA Tbk PT tax objection to the transaction of non - performing loans ( NPL ) of Rp 5.7 trillion .

The case stems from taxes by filing an objection letter BCA on June 17, 2003 . Against the objection that , on March 13, 2004 , the Director General of Taxation Income Tax sending an introductory letter to the Director General of Taxation treatise objection which was held Hadi .

The covering letter containing the results of research paper and research paper conclusion objections and suggestions to the Director General of Taxation Hadi as to refuse tax objection BCA .

However , on June 18, 2004 or one day before the due date to give a decision on the objection taxes BCA , Hadi ordered the Director of Income Tax as the official reviewers' objections through the Directorate General of Taxation memos dated June 17, 2004 to change the results of research paper conclusions and suggestions taxpayer objected BCA Tbk PT .

According to the Commission , through memos , Hadi appealed to the Director of Income Tax , as the official reviewers concluded that the change be received all objections . Because memos Director General of Taxation who received the BCA tax appeal letter was published the day before the due date to give a decision on the request of the Bank , the Director of Income Tax does not have enough time and opportunity to respond to the memos .
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Memos issued by the Director General of Taxation Hadi to receive the BCA tax objection ignores the fact that the same material was also filed objections a number of other banks and decided rejected . Hadi 's top act , the state allegedly suffered loss of Rp 375 billion . The calculation comes from the potential tax that should be paid by the Bank .


Airport Tax Soekarno -Hatta Coming Up

PT Angkasa Pura II planned a run to raise airport tax or passenger service charge ( PSC ) . The increase applies only to passengers in the terminal three Soekarno-Hatta Airport , Tangerang , Banten . " Airport tax Soekarno -Hatta to terminal three we made up after the development is complete , " said President Director of PT Angkasa Pura II Tri S. Sunoko at Sultan Thaha , Jambi , Tuesday, April 22, 2014 .

At this time, the expansion of the terminal three Soekarno-Hatta Airport has reached 25 percent . The project was finished in mid- targeted next year .

AP II is planning to increase passenger service charge for each airport has diperbaikinya . " After the service increased , we propose a rally. So cost against revenue . "
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Besides proposing tax increases at the airport terminal three Soekarno-Hatta Airport , Tri state , AP II also plan to increase the cost of servicing Sultan Thaha , Jambi . Reason , the development of a new airport terminal , which spent Rp 400 billion will be inaugurated on 1 November 2014, and began operating in early 2015.

Tri mentioned that passenger service charge Sultan Thaha is Rp 25 thousand . The plan will be proposed to increase to Rp 60 thousand . In addition, AP II now also been put forward proposals passenger service charge hike in Kuala Namu airport ( Deli Serdang ) , Sultan Syarif Kasim II ( Pekanbaru ) , and Raja Haji Fisabilillah ( Tanjung Pinang ) .

In Kuala Namu , the proposed passenger service charge rose from Rp 35 thousand to Rp 75 thousand increments. While at Sultan Syarif Kasim II and King Haji Fisabilillah will be increased from Rp 30 thousand and Rp 20 thousand to Rp 60 thousand .


Commission : Party Tableware , PPP Not Calculated in Coalition Candidates

National Election Commission will not count in pengusungan Development Party candidate for president or vice -president , if the party is not united . Commission considers PPP to support a particular candidate is not valid .

" If broken , then simultaneously support candidate A and B then it is not acceptable , not counted in the coalition bearer party presidential and vice presidential , " said Chairman of the Commission , Husni Kamil Manik , in his office , Jakarta , Tuesday, April 22, 2014 .
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Husni advised PPP resolve internal problems first. Then , immediately report the new governing body in accordance with the Statutes and Household Party to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights ( HAM ) .

" We acknowledge the stewardship listed in Menkumham , " he stated .

So far , the former commissioner of the West Sumatra Commission said it recognizes the old PPP management , ie with Suryadharma Ali and M Romahurmuziy as chairman and general secretary along with other management ranks . "According to that listed in Menkumham , " Husni said .

National Leadership Meeting PPP , early Sunday morning , March 20, 2014 , has decided to impose sanctions that are severe enough to dismiss while SDA as Chairman of the PPP . The decision was announced by the Secretary-General M Romi Romahurmuziy is familiarly called , in the office of PPP .

Previously , Suryadharma cs Romi has been sacked following an internal divisions in the body of this party . Elite PPP split due to maneuver Suryadharma Ali , who unilaterally establish a coalition with Gerindra Party presidential candidate , Prabowo . ( umi )


Sabtu, 19 April 2014

BC Kepri fishing vessel "ballpress" from Malaysia

Riau Islands Customs officials catch KM Agree an attempt to smuggle about 1,000 sacks of solid or " ballpress " castoffs origin Port Klang , Malaysia Tanjung Balai purpose shavings , North Sumatra .

Agreed KM patrol boats arrested BC - 8005 with a patrol commander , Turmudi Wednesday ( 16/4 ) around 21:00 pm , in the waters with the coordinates 03 degrees 14 263 " North Latitude and 100 degrees 26 422 " East Longitude .

" Agreed KM arrested by intelligence information that there will be stuff coming from Port Klang to Tanjung Balai purpose shavings. Follow up with the information that we move the BC - 8005 who was on duty in the waters that will be crossed by the ship , " said the Head of Operations and the Regional Office of Enforcement Directorate General of Special Customs Riau Islands ( Riau ) , Agustyan above Agreed drawn KM BC - 8005 patrol boat in the waters of Tanjung Balai Karimun , Friday .

Agustyan explained , KM Agree to carry as many as 1,000 sacks containing solid or ballpress used clothing items with an estimated value of more than R1 , 5 billion .

The time of arrest , he said , the crew had to provide resistance KM Agreed but managed to overcome the BC - 8005 patrol officers who interceptions in Aruah waters located between the waters of Port Klang and Tanjung Balai shavings.

" A little happens resistance , which is concerned not want to stop when the interception , even KM Agree crew brandishing flaming torches , " he said .

BC - 8005 patrol boat , he had to chase about 40 minutes until the end of the smuggling ship stopped successfully .

"The question does not want to stop . Fact was banging his boat when the patrol vessel guarded by the BC - 8005 . Clash of the resulting hull right front part of BC - 8005 is made ​​of wood is slightly damaged , " he said .

Agreed KM effort to escape , he said again , successfully halted thanks to the alertness of the patrol officers .

" Warning shots are not there because they did not fight in the form of physical violence , but seeks only to escape but can be disabled , " he said .

Regarding the mode is done , Agustyan say , these items do not come with the manifest . In addition, the used clothing is prohibited and restricted goods .

" Used clothing barred from entering the country because it can damage our textile market , " he said .

He further said , ship , and its cargo captain and seven crew will be transferred to the Field Investigation and Results of Crackdown Handler for further investigation .

Sy skipper , said he alleged violated Section 102 (a) of Act No. 17 of 2006 on Amendments to Law No. 10 of 1995 on Customs which reads , every person who transports imported goods that are not listed in the manifest .

Penalties are imprisonment for one year and a maximum of 10 years and a fine of 50 million and a maximum of 5 billion , he said .
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"Today , the ship has arrived at the BC Regional Office in the District of Riau Islands Meral , Karimun regency after being pulled BC - 8005 for about 40 hours from the location of the arrest , " added Agustyan .


Jumat, 18 April 2014

SMS ` Last ` Passenger Ship Sewol that Karam Fake ?

Thousands of short messages or SMS comes to the parents of a student who becomes a victim Sewol sinking off the coast of South Korea . The message is thought to have come from students who otherwise disappears or has not been found by a search team .

One of the messages allegedly coming from the passenger named Shin . Adolescent female 18 years became one of the group of high school students in Ship Sewol .

"I do not worry . Still alive I use a float . We will be together again , " wrote the mysterious message allegedly from Shin , as published by the New York Post , Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) .
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The message reportedly reciprocated by his father , " You know , a search team was trying to save the passengers , but you have to find your own way out if you can . "

" Dad , I can not walk . Corridor ship very full . Ship also too skewed , " said Shin .

In addition , as reported by CNN , another message came also suspected of other passengers , such as "I'm still alive in the cafeteria , help me , my phone battery running out , believe me . "

Other messages are also circulating in social networking , " My cell phone did not work. I was on the ship and could not see anything . "

However , South Korea's Cyber ​​Terror Agency declared a hoax messages or incorrect . From the results of the tracking signal , none of the passengers were sending a message after the ship sank .

" We 've checked more than 300 cell phone number belongs to a passenger , " said Police Korea , South Korean media proclaimed in

Sewol ship sank on Wednesday, April 16 when South Korea . So far , the death toll reached 29 people and the other 270 have not been found .
The ship's captain Sewol Lee Joon -seok and two ferry crew has now been arrested . They were threatened with a life sentence on charges of leaving the vessel , negligence , causing injury to another person , do not look for the rescue of another ship , and in violation of maritime law .

" Lee was charged with causing Sewol sinking ship with no slow down while cruising in the narrow and turn to excess , " said prosecutor Lee Bong - chang , the South Korean news agency Yonhap .


Ferry Captain Carousel Leave Ship First Person

A total of speculation about the cause of the shipwreck in the waters south of the ferry Sewol South Korea appear. However , a recent study says, the captain of the ship , Lee Joon- seok , not at the helm when the ship began to sink .

Reuters reported , in a press conference called Friday , 18 April 2014 , a prosecutor said investigators , Joo- seok not behind the wheel when the accident occurred . "He may have gone out from the bridge of the ship. The person who is the current leadership is the third task , "said the investigator .
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Barely there, an other report , as quoted by the Daily Mail, asserted that the captain is one who struggled the first time , while hundreds of passengers still trapped on the ship began to tilt . ( Read : Only 1 of 46 Ferry lifeboat Used Carousel )

To Friday , 18 April 2014 morning , the death toll from ferry capsize in waters off South Korea reached the figure of 25 . The ship sank in the waters of Jindo Island on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 , around 11:30 local time when traveling from Incheon heading Jeju Island .


Kamis, 17 April 2014

Fertilizer Subsidy Illegally Selling, Men's 4.6 Year Sentence

Kusnanto , one of the original fertilizer businessman Kendal , Central Java must accept the bitter pill of criminal sentenced to 4.6 years in prison . He proved to buying and selling of subsidized fertilizer as much as 440 tons of urea illegally .

Kusnanto found guilty of violating the provisions of Article 2 of Law No. 31 of 1999 as amended and replaced by Law No. 20 of 2001 on the Eradication of Corruption .

" Dropping 4.6 years and a criminal fine of Rp 200 million or subsidiary three months of confinement , " said the chairman of the judges Semarang Corruption Court , Suyadi , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

Defendant buying and selling subsidized fertilizer began when communication is established between the defendant with buyers who need as much as 650 tons of fertilizer . He is already struggling in these fields , the buyer agreed bid with a price of Rp 2,000 per kilogram .

No less sense , the defendant then look for distributors and retailers of fertilizer . He managed to buy fertilizer from nine points of sale with a total purchase of 440 tons . Purchase also appreciated varied then shipped to buyers in East Java .

" Fertilizer order turned out to be detained by the Customs Port of Tanjung Perak Surabaya because it turned out to be sent to Malaysia , " said Suyadi .

In his judgment, Judge Suyadi declare the defendant has enjoyed the benefits of the business of illegally selling the fertilizer . Subsidized fertilizer alone most funding comes from state money .

" The defendant reduces the welfare of farmers who should be entitled to subsidized fertilizer , " added Suyadi .

Note also , Kusnanto defendant has no ties of cooperation with producers of fertilizers and entered into Definitive Plan of Group established by the government . This then makes the Supreme Audit Agency ( BPK ) assess existing state losses of Rp 520 million from the act Kusnanto .
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Based on this decision , both the prosecutor and the defendant Kendal District Attorney and Legal Counsel have not made ​​up their minds . They are still undecided and take efforts to think about .